joints, blunts and spliffs

When it comes to cannabis, there’s different ways to smoke it.  Today, we will talk about joints, blunts and spliffs.  We’ll break down the differences between them all so you can have a better understanding of what it is and which one to choose.  

What are joints?

Joints are cannabis rolled using thin rolling papers, usually made from hemp.  There are also flax and rice rolling paper available as well as flavoured rolling paper.  Joints typically have a filter to keep the leaves from reaching your mouth.  Joints can come in many shapes and sizes although they are usually small in size.  There’s also a wide range of joint styles, including long, thin joints, short fat ones, and even some that look like cigars or cigarettes!  It’s one of the most popular methods for smoking marijuana because it’s easy to carry around.  You can purchase pre-rolled joints or you can roll it yourself.

What are blunts?

A blunt is cannabis rolled using tobacco leaf wrappers.  It can also be a cigar that has the tobacco removed and replaced with cannabis.  Blunts contain a lot more weed than the average joint.  One blunt is the equivalent of approximately six joints.  Because of its larger size, it is harder to roll a blunt than a joint.  It takes time and practice.  Blunts are a great choice for special occasions and group smoking sessions.

What is a spliff?

A spliff is cannabis and tobacco rolled together using rolling papers.  Similar to joints, rolling papers can be made from hemp, flax or rice.  You can also get flavoured rolling papers.  This type of joint is often used for smoking indoors and can be either hand-rolled or more commonly, machine-rolled using rolling papers.  A spliff’s small size makes it a good choice for those who don’t have time to smoke a big blunt before they leave the house. It also makes it easier to transport since it’s much smaller than a blunt.  Despite its small size, spliffs are still strong enough to get you high!  Spliffs are also less expensive compared to joints and blunts.

How to choose between joints, blunts and spliffs?

The difference between joints, blunts and spliffs is what is in it and what its rolled in.  It is personal preference whichever one you choose.  Some people do not like the taste of tobacco so they prefer joints.  Other people on the other hand, do not like the smell of cannabis so they prefer smoking a blunt because the tobacco wrap or cigar masks the smell of cannabis.

The bottom line is joints are the healthiest way to smoke as you do not inhale any nicotine when you smoke.  Blunts will be the strongest and hardest hitting between the three types.  Spliffs will be a good option if you happen to not have enough cannabis for a joint or if you prefer both the high from weed and buzz from nicotine.  In some places, spliffs are the most cost-effective option.


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