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Why Are Shrooms So Popular in Canada?

Shroom and psilocybin products are becoming a household name among Canadians, and this is for a reason. Shrooms are highly popular for the amazing euphoric experience that they bring. The power of this magical plant can help with different conditions including stress. While consuming shrooms also has its cons, the positive effects are superior to the side effects. Most users report feeling euphoric and stable mentally after consuming shrooms. However, do you know that it’s easy to buy shrooms online in Canada from reputable dispensaries? In this article, we will focus on why magic mushrooms are so popular in Canada.


What Are Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms (also known as shrooms or mushrooms) are mushrooms containing the drugs psilocybin or psilocin. These drugs are hallucinogenic which means they can alter perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.


Psilocybin mushrooms date back to ancient history when our ancestors used them for their consciousness-altering effects. One reason they are popular today in Canada is because of their psychedelic properties and ability to address psychological healing. Shrooms come with a lot of stigmas due to their illegal nature. Psilocybin is a controlled substance in Canada which means it’s illegal to sell, possess and grow it unless authorized by Health Canada. However, many studies on the plant show its ability to treat addiction, trauma, and other detrimental mental health conditions.


Psilocybin mushrooms are part of over 180 different species of psychoactive fungus belonging to the same group. The primary psychoactive compound within these mushrooms is psilocybin (and its active metabolite psilocin). Psilocybin is very psychoactive which means it can result in visual hallucinations, perceptual changes, distortions of the sense of time, and emotional changes.


Common species of psilocybin include.

  • Psilocybe cubensis
  • Psilocybe tampanensis
  • Psilocybe semilanceata
  • Psilocybe baeocystis


Research On the popularity of Shrooms in Canada

Growing evidence shows that psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in shrooms can help in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This discovery has also inspired advocates to learn more about the plant.


Patients who undergo Psilocybin therapy experience personal breakthroughs, in which they see things from a different perspective and come to important realizations. While the legality of shrooms in Canada has question marks, recently, Health Canada granted exemptions to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Food and Drug Regulations. This exemption allows medical practitioners to treat patients suffering from terminal illnesses using shrooms.


Psilocybin has also been reported to improve how the brain works and revives emotional responsiveness. Individuals also report re-engaging in the world in very positive ways. Patients who consume psilocybin also report having a deeper level of understanding of who they are.


Research on the benefits of micro dosing shrooms to treat anxiety and depression showed positive results. In this study people with mental and substance use disorders who micro dosed shrooms experiences a much better and improved mental health.  


Psilocybin also shows promising results in clinical trials for the treatment of addiction, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. With all the benefits Psilocybin offers for mental health patients, it’s no surprise shrooms are so popular in Canada.


How To Use Shrooms

Most people consume shrooms by either eating them fresh or dry. Shrooms are known for their earthy taste and texture. To get a sweetened taste you can brew dried shrooms into tea, soak dried shrooms in water and add them to your favorite dish. Other ways to enhance the taste include adding it to fruit juice, mixing it with peanut butter, or blend into smoothies.


Nonetheless, to save you the stress of mixing shrooms with your favorite treats, dispensaries now offer a wide range of delicious psilocybin treats. In Canadian dispensaries, you can find magic mushroom chocolates, edibles, drinks, and more delicious options. All these treats contain psilocybin and help with different mental health conditions.


Reasons Why Shrooms Are Popular in Canada

Many online dispensaries and stores in Canada sell different assortments of magic mushrooms. Here are several reasons it’s gaining popularity among Canadians.


  • Medical and recreational use

Magic mushrooms can help with different conditions including depression, and anxiety. It also relieves day-to-day stress and helps bring a positive perspective about yourself. People also use magic mushrooms solely for their ability to deliver euphoric bliss. You can consume it at night when to get a sense of relaxation. Psilocybin compounds are like cannabinoids, and they bind with the central nervous system to bring hallucinations in individuals.


  • Easy access

The wide availability of shrooms in Canada makes them famous too. You can find shrooms in most online dispensaries in Canada. These dispensaries sell high-quality shrooms and deliver shrooms right to your doorstep.


  • Convenience

Shrooms offer convenience in terms of consumption and transportation. To get a better understanding of this point, consider driving long distances to a local dispensary in Canada and waiting in line. With shrooms, you simply need to place your order online in Canada and have your package delivered right to your doorstep. Shrooms also lack any detectable smell which means you can consume them discretely without anyone knowing. Furthermore, shrooms are available in forms such as edibles, and smoothies to offer more convenience.


  • Affordable pricing

Cannabis in Canada is expensive, and many users often seek a cheaper alternative. Mushrooms are available at dispensaries for a cheaper price, and this draws many people’s attention. This explains why so many people prefer buying shrooms in favor of cannabis. Shrooms also provide a psychoactive high and provide similar health benefits to cannabis. Thus, people are now turning to shrooms.  


Where to Buy Shrooms in Canada

Shrooms are gaining much popularity in Canada due to their effectiveness. Shrooms always deliver a powerful experience regardless of whether you consume small or large amounts. Novice users wanting to buy shrooms online in Canada must be of the age of 19 and above. Dispensaries sell different types of shrooms and different quantities. If you want to use shrooms for a specific condition you can also get recommendations from the dispensary.


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Bottom line

Magic mushrooms are popular in Canada for many reasons ranging from affordable pricing to wide availability. Furthermore, the legality of these mushrooms and easy access to buy online in Canada make them popular.



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