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Ace Killer OG


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19 Reviews

Batch: Aug-09-2021
Bud Size:
Texture: Meaty, High Sugar
THC Content – 23%
Common Usage – Stress, Depression, Fatigue
Effects – Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

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Ace Killer OG Strain Information :

When discussing consumables, there are few terms used that get people more excited than “rare” and “infamous”. You may have an uncommon Scotch and people swarm, an infamous cheese and people speak to their mates about it, and a rare and infamous bud, in the case of Ace Murderer. White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush and a mystery strain have put together an incredibly powerful, indica-dominant hybrid by crossing an ambitious four strains, which will leave you painless and likely to sleep in no time.

The extremely high levels of THC, averaging 26%, are only part of what makes this strain so solid. Add CBD and its indica strong features in the 2 percent and you’ve got a very punching high for yourself. For those who enjoy dank buds, you’re back in luck. Ace Killer OG provides the nose with spicy and petrol scents and skunky sour notes on the palate. Amber hair and a rich layer of white trichomes shield the olive green nuggets.

This high drops in fast, softly, like a ninja sniper, and knocks your old cold until you have a decent chance of noticing what’s going on. For a heavy body, you’ll feel euphoric and hazy, making it ideal for days when you need some pain and stress relief. The sedation is long-lasting and, with relatively little effort, will leave you stuck to your pillow. At this point, you will find that your mind will drift, making you feel imaginative and content, but with any of those emotions, you will have no desire to do something. If you get heavier and more comfortable, enjoy this bliss until you finally drift off to sleep.

As described before, this bud is ideal for stress relief as it is absolutely calming, and as the sedative properties are high, it is also great for pain relief. This strain will be perfect for helping you relieve your symptoms and feel relief again whether you suffer from chronic aches, muscle pain, or spasms. Ace Killer OG may also benefit from exhaustion and loss of appetite as it is a mild stimulant. Novice users beware, as for the faint of heart, this is not a high. The propensity of Ace Killer OG to gun down even the most seasoned smokers.

The scarcity of this plant is not without reason. It is very difficult to come across growing data for this particular strain, with others suggesting that it is harder to come across the seeds than the nugs that are still difficult to locate.

Reach for Ace Killer OG for a full body meltdown in the best way possible and have the most enjoyable night of your life. Get in the haze of this dank, pungent bud, and sink into this barely discovered happy, thick feeling.


28 Grams (Ounce), 224 Grams (Half Pound)

19 reviews for Ace Killer OG

  1. John S

    I also got this as a sample, very good product.

  2. THChronicMessiah

    Very tasty OG, love the flavor. Sticky and stinky ! I will definitely be buying again.

  3. Stephanie Kobay

    Sticky with distinct OG flavour and high, very nice!!

  4. JuliusReefer

    I came back for this wonderful strain. Check the reviews, I ordered in April when it was in stock and in December again. If it’s in stock in 2020, you better believe I’ll be buying it yet again

  5. Robbie Fowler

    It’s so fckn pretty is the first thing I thought when I saw it lol but it tastes and smells amazingggg😩 the high is good not the strongest I’ve ever had but it’s good!

  6. Ersan

    this strand right here if you want to have a nice relaxing night with your “friend” have deep convos and good night sleep…. yea this strain is wonderful!!!

  7. chungpeter

    This weed was so fluffy I thought it was bad since I never thought an indica would feel like that. I loaded up my dynavap and hit it twice. It had a nice comeup with no paranoia due to the high carophylene. I watched a movie and slept like a baby which is so nice because I have a hard time sleeping …

  8. Alvarez

    very talkative type of high I get from this, I use it better when I know I’ll have a social anxiety or when I have to be around a place I can socialize. I love it

  9. Ruby1105

    Very good for the price!

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