Blossom Extracts – Mango Kush THC Distillate Syringe

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Contains 1mL of THC Distillate

Blossom Extracts Mango Kush THC distillate syringe refills are great for refilling

  • Vape tanks
  • Cartridges
  • Applying directly on any rig.

Blossom Extracts Mango Kush THC distillate syringe refills are great for refilling vape tanks, cartridges, or applying directly on any rig. Above all with no additional additives, this premium-grade distillate is extracted with zero solvents leaving a highly concentrated oil. Every batch of THC distillate is lab-tested to ensure quality and consistency in every 1mL luer lock glass syringe.

What are Distillates

When we produce distillate, we’re taking pre-extracted concentrate oil. Further separating to refine the cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids from the stuff we don’t want such as pesticides, plant matter, or other impurities.

When compared to the process by which we extract wax and shatter, it’s quite different. Distillate is made by a molecular distillation process, much like the process of distilling alcohol. The extracted material is heated to the point of vaporization, which causes decarboxylation (activation of THC), then the evaporated material is decondensed and collected.

Aroma and Effects

Mango Kush THC Distillate strain has the fragrance of a freshly cut Mango. As well as smelling like this sweet tropical fruit, it also has hints of banana. Mango Kush’s fruity fragrance is offset by a more pungent, earthier odour, giving this strain a distinctive aroma.

For most users, this strain kicks in immediately, producing both a strong body stone and euphoria. Many also find that this strain makes them more open and talkative.

6 reviews for Blossom Extracts – Mango Kush THC Distillate Syringe

  1. Mariana Bauer

    Great new product… 🔥 fire…..

  2. Adina Jennings

    Very effective and smooth. I would recommend for anyone who enjoys distillate

  3. Ian Dupont

    Gets you high AF. Awesome quality product

  4. Charity Mosley

    People how did we miss this gem till now! I said for a long time the cannabis industry will evolve to what is was supposed to, you go in and buy the cannabinoid you choose and use each one accordingly to your own personal requirements. These people here are the pioneers

  5. CiennaHouse

    Amazing syringe, hard hitting stuff, amazing

  6. Mikael Bowes

    A great cool pen refill, just wish the tip fit into the cart easier but eh, it still worked out fine

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