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Blue Dynamite AAAA Budget Buds


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19 Reviews

Buy Blue Dynamite AAAA Budget Buds now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Batch: April-25-2024

Bud Size: Small-Med-Large

Texture: Dense

Sugar Content: High Sugar

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Floral

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 24-27%

Common Usage – Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety

Effects – Creative, Cotton Mouth, Euphoric

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

About Blue Dynamite Strain

Blue Dynamite is a mostly Indica dominant, the strain is the creation of the Next Generation Seed Company and a cross of their other strains Avalon and Dynamite. The Avalon father is a versatile F4 hybrid of Afghani and Blueberry. Dynamite is also an F4 hybrid, a crossing of Grapefruit and a strain of unknown origins.

Cerebrally stimulating, the strain boosts spirits to a higher level of comfort, easing anxiety and stress. This strain may also help:

Budget Buds

28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

19 reviews for Blue Dynamite AAAA Budget Buds

  1. Keyaan Murray

    Gorgeous appearance, and dense buds. It smokes smoothly and delivers a relaxing indica high.

  2. Fintan Hilton

    This is definitely more on the calmer and relaxing side of strains. However, you do not feel as if you’ll sit in the same place for hours, salivating. Rather, a great way to relax and melt away the anxiety and stress

  3. Niall Leblanc

    I love this strain; it’s become a fast favorite. The buds are beautifully packed and tight, and it smokes smoothly, giving a soothing Indica high that feels like a warm hug.

  4. Yusuf Gates

    It always gets me to where I want to be. The taste is perfect, and the high is amazing.

  5. Josef Miranda

    The high was brilliant! It got to me in less than an hour. Extremely relaxing!

  6. Marlon Raymond

    A quality strain with the potency you expect. Very good.

  7. gbramsay

    what a wonderful treat from the Blueberry family. All round nice product.

  8. Edwards

    Was hesitant to buy, but glad I did. Will likely buy again for the right price.

  9. Samuels

    I’m always pleasantly surprised with this strain. No matter the batch it is always up to Bulkweedinbox standards. It’s cured to perfection and offers its user a plethora of medical benefits. I personally love this strain for its nausea fighting abilities.

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