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Blueberry Nuken AAA


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13 Reviews

Buy Blueberry Nuken AAA now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Batch: March-04-2024

Bud Size: Small-Medium-Large

Texture: Med Dense

Sugar Content: High Sugar

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Nutty, Floral

Nose Strength: Med-High

THC Content – 22-24%

Common Usage – Depression, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite

Effects – Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy

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About Blueberry Nuken

Blueberry Nuken is an evasive marijuana strain packed with THC and boasts a strong-armed physical high. Expect some heavy eyelids and silly giggles after a few tastes of this flower.

With potentially strong muscle-relaxant effects, this strain is a solid choice for the evening. It can be difficult to focus and get things done after a few tastes of this plant. So, it’s best to whip out this berry-scented bud when you’re ready to relax at the end of a long day.

This strain may be popular on Canadian dispensary menus, but the overall traits of this Blueberry and Nuken cross are a bit mysterious. However, this plant is considered an indica hybrid, as both parents are potent indica strains themselves.

High in THC, dispensaries report that this herb can feature up to 22 percent of the psychoactive. This is great news for experienced consumers looking for a powerful strain. However, novices may find that this plant is a little too sedative and mind-bending for their taste.

Lemony and delicious, this herb has a fruit-like aroma. Notes of berry, musky earth, and a delicate sweetness tease the pallet. Moss green buds are adorned with a sticky blanket of crystal trichomes.


28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

13 reviews for Blueberry Nuken AAA

  1. Byron Hebert

    Good bud tasted nice and hit smooth. Best value strain!!!

  2. Ollie Leonard

    Pretty nice tasting buds, well worth $85

  3. S Pace

    I liked this one … the high it give is good will order again

  4. Deacon Schultz

    One of the smoothest smokes out there, effects are just what your looking for in a anytime of the day flower(focus, pick me up, and just chilling effect). One of the best all around flowers out there.

  5. CrazyManVlogs

    Great BIG buds and no shaggy buds or sticks like last review said this is awesome BUD doing this review up just after smoking one i am baked and i smoke a lot of weed great stuff THANKS GUYS

  6. kdeuce78

    I was really disappointed with this strain alot of stick and lots of shaggy buds must have gotten the bottom of the bag from this batch it does happen sometimes with that being said this site is still great and gets most of my buiness thanks

  7. Asma Robinson

    Amazing taste, really smooth, and hits hard.

  8. Kenneth

    Nice smooth strain…It has a good taste, smell and buzz!

  9. Oldman0481

    Nice stuff tastes sweet and stanks. Definitely on the list of must haves

  10. petejohnson

    Like an old faithful on the website, always a favourite and available for a good price

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