Cannabuzz Kiwi Strawberry Gummy Bears (150mg THC)

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CannaBuzz gummy bears are infused with deliciously real and fruity flavours.

They are handmade from scratch using natural ingredients and high-grade solvent-free extract to satisfy the fussiest gummy edible fiend. It will leave you saying wow and drooling for more


Last updated on May 12th, 2022

3 reviews for Cannabuzz Kiwi Strawberry Gummy Bears (150mg THC)

  1. Tyler Swan

    I absolutely love these kiwi strawberry bears. They taste amazing, and you get ripped, but dont eat them all. I would like to try all the different flavours now. I think these bears are of great value, love how you get 15 in a pack!

  2. Jeffrey Cullen

    First time ordering these the flavour is great and a decent high. Always the best stuff here.

  3. Rahul Garrett

    These gummies are sooooo delish!. Now if youre going the route of edibles then these are the way to go!

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