Cannabuzz Pina Colada Gummy Bears (150mg THC)

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Disclaimer: Edibles may melt during shipping in hot weather.
Buy Cannabuzz Pina Colada Gummy Bears (150mg THC) now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

CannaBuzz gummy bears are infused with deliciously real and fruity flavours.

They are handmade from scratch using natural ingredients and high-grade solvent-free extract to satisfy the fussiest gummy edible fiend. It will leave you saying wow and drooling for more

3 reviews for Cannabuzz Pina Colada Gummy Bears (150mg THC)

  1. Ritik Gentry

    Love these edibles, potent, tasty and great price.

  2. Quenton

    Huge collection of flavors. Theyre the bomb! So good, gave me the munchies and i liked it.

  3. Lewys

    These are probably the best tasting gummies I have tasted so far. The pina colada tastes delicious, and it gets you high and relaxed. As a mom of 2 sleeping is hard but this puts me to bed easily.

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