Daze Edibles THC Grape Gummies (400mg THC)

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Buy Daze Edibles THC Grape Gummies (400mg THC) now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Daze Edibles are artisan made edibles infused with quality cannabis grown in beautiful British Columbia.

Each bag contains 400mg THC = 10pcs x 40mg

Daze Edibles Grape Gummies 400mg THC

Daze Edible – Grape Gummies – THC provides a wide variety of flavours and high dosages that are handcrafted with natural fruit flavours and are cannabis infused so that you can kick back, relax and you’ll be sure to have no bad Daze!

More flavours available at Bulkweedinbox

  • Fruit Medley
  • Peach
  • Sour Green Apple
  • Blue Raspberry Blast
What are Edibles?

Although smoking remains the most popular way to consume the plant, edibles are quickly catching up. The term “edible” describes cannabis-infused foods and drinks, ranging from home-made brownies to pre-packaged cannabis gummies. For patients, edibles make daily dosing easy, consistent, and delicious.

The effects of edibles differ from inhaled methods because the cannabinoids travel through the digestive tract. That means a more prolonged onset, but also a longer duration. For long-lasting medicinal benefits, many patients prefer an edible experience to smoking or vaping.

6 reviews for Daze Edibles THC Grape Gummies (400mg THC)

  1. Jaxx Oconnell

    These are great! Usually edibles don’t effect me much so I ate the whole bag around 3 and I was in floating in space by 6. Woke up feeling just great.

  2. Griffith

    Awesome variety and great dosage! My fave are theses grape! I order every time!

  3. Kayne Lovell

    These gummies work great. I have problems sleeping through the night. After taking two a day I felt more relaxed and after about three days I slept all night. Great product, will purchase again.

  4. Carlo Caldwell

    Love the sour kinda taste of them use these to sleep works perfect

  5. Henry Savage

    Love these edibles, great how consistent they are!

  6. Antony Little

    These are the best edibles I’ve tried! They hit faster than most (in about 40min) and they give a really nice pleasant buzz. These will be my go-tos from now on. Highly Recommended!

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