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Dragon’s Breath AAA+


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23 Reviews

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Batch: April-29-2024

Bud Size: Small-Med-Large

Texture: Dense

Sugar Content: High-Very High Sugar

Flavour: Gassy, Sweet, Fruity, Floral

Nose Strength: Very High

THC Content – 24-27%

Common Usage – Pain, Depression, Fatigue

Effects – Creative, Euphoric, Energized

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Dragon’s Breath Cannabis Strain

Before we proceed, allow me to assure you that no mythical creatures were harmed in the creation of this cannabis strain. Dragon’s Breath may sound like it was plucked straight out of a fantasy novel, but I assure you, it’s as real as the couch you’ll be stuck to after a few puffs.

The Fiery Origins of Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is not just any strain; it’s a proud member of cannabis royalty. It’s the botanical love child of two legendary strains – the all-powerful Jack Herer and the enigmatic Northern Lights.

Jack Herer, named after the famed cannabis activist and author, is renowned for its cerebral elevation and is a staple in many a cannabis connoisseur’s collection. Northern Lights, on the other hand, is as mysterious as the celestial phenomenon it’s named after, known for its potent relaxant effects. These two strains converge to create Dragon’s Breath, a strain that is every bit as formidable and enchanting as its parentage suggests.

Aroma: The Scent of the Beast

A word of warning: Dragon’s Breath is not for the faint of heart, or rather, the faint of nose. This strain is known for its pungent aroma that can fill a room faster than you can say “Puff the Magic Dragon.” It’s a unique blend of the sweet and the spicy, a concoction that’s just as likely to make your eyes water as it is to make your mouth water.

As you break apart the buds, you’ll be met with a potent mix of earthy pine and a hint of citrus. Some say it’s like walking through a forest where dragons frolic, and citrus trees spontaneously combust. But let’s not get carried away – dragons don’t frolic.

Taste: Fire and Spice, and All Things Nice

If the aroma is the dragon’s roar, then the taste is definitely its fiery breath. Dragon’s Breath is as flavourful as it is aromatic. Upon inhaling, the first thing you’ll notice is a strong pine flavour that’s reminiscent of its Jack Herer parentage. But hold onto your taste buds, because that’s just the first wave.

As the pine subsides, a symphony of citrus will sweep across your palate. This is not your grandmother’s lemonade stand citrus – this is a full-blown citrus orchestra, complete with the tangy undertones of grapefruit and the sweetness of tangerine. It’s a flavour profile that’s as complex as the dragons of yore, yet as approachable as a gecko on a sunny rock.

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Nutty
  • Foral

Effects: The Dragon’s Breath Embrace

Now, let’s talk about the dragon in the room – the effects. Dragon’s Breath is a balanced hybrid strain, which means it offers the best of both worlds: the cerebral stimulation of sativa and the body relaxation of indica.

Upon the first exhale, you might feel a rush of euphoria that could make you believe you’ve sprouted wings. This is swiftly followed by an invigorating surge of creativity and focus. It’s the perfect strain for brainstorming your next novel or contemplating the socio-economic implications of dragon-human relations in fantasy literature.

However, don’t be fooled by the initial energetic surge. The dragon’s tail is yet to sweep. As the high progresses, a calming body relaxation sets in. It’s as if the dragon has wrapped its tail around you in a soothing embrace. This is the perfect ending to a session with Dragon’s Breath, leaving you relaxed and ready for a night of restful slumber, or perhaps, dreams of flying with dragons.

  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Energized

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Dragon’s Breath is a strain that’s truly deserving of its mythical name. It’s a strain that packs a punch as potent as a dragon’s roar and as soothing as its protective embrace. It’s a strain that promises to take you on a journey – one filled with fantastic aromas, tantalizing tastes, and effects that whisk you away to a land of euphoria and relaxation. It’s a strain fit for any cannabis connoisseur, be they dragon tamers, fantasy lovers, or simply someone looking for a royally good time.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

23 reviews for Dragon’s Breath AAA+

  1. Zackary Marsh

    This strain is fantastic overall. It’s very enjoyable and effectively relieves my nausea and pain. Excited to try more of it!

  2. Addie Franco

    It’s a charming strain! Light to smoke, easy to get high off of. Smoked four joints in the afternoon with my friend, and I appreciate that it doesn’t cause dry eyes. Definitely one of my favorites.

  3. Maxime Briere

    The service, the shipping and the product quality was very nice! I gave 4 stars because the buds didn’t have a pronounced scent and the buzz was not strong enough!

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