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Dreamy Delite’s Fruit Loops Baked Medbar is packed with delicious fruity taste, fruity aroma, and bright colors. Made with whole grains and lightly sweetened with marshmellow and a decadent layer of white chocolate on top. Fruit Loops Medbar is a fun part of a complete edible experience. Follow Tuscan Sam’s nose! For the fruity taste that shows!

Each bag contains 1 bar


Fruities Cereal Medbars

Follow your nose with one of your childhood favorites with Dreamy Delite’s Fruities Medbars. Packed with delicious fruit flavors, marshmallows and a decadent layer of white chocolate, these infused cereal bars will make you fall back in love with breakfast.

Each bag contains 1 cereal bar with 400mg of THC each. Total of 400mg of THC per bag.

Benefits: Anxiety, Relaxation, Pain Relief, Anti-Seizure, Autism.

Allergy Warning: Contains dairy.

Ingredients: Fruit Loops Cereal, Marshmallow, Chocolate Chips, Butter, Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil.


200MG, 400MG

3 reviews for Dreamy Delite – Fruities Cereal Medbar

  1. Mitchel Plummer

    Fruit loops were my favourite snack as a kid and now I can eat them again as an adult. Just need to make sure the kids dont get there hands on them.

  2. Codfish25

    You would think these are something you could pick up at your local grocery store, they are so tasty!

  3. Willis Atkinson

    These are great, especially if you like the cereal. Brings me back to my childhood. Thats guys for stocking these in. You’re the only site for me!

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