Golden Monkey Extracts – Lemon Cola (240mg THC)

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Golden Monkey Extracts Gummies are homage to one of our childhood favourite snacks.

  • THC Concentration: 240mg
  • Contains 8 pieces

Last updated on May 12th, 2022

Last updated on January 26th, 2023

At Golden Monkey Extracts we are dedicated in creating the highest and purest quality concentrates.

Every product produced in our facility goes through an extensive quality control to ensure our customers are consistently receiving nothing but the best.

With our unique extraction process, we extract only quality buds with high THC content while preserving the complexity of each terpene profile.

5 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts – Lemon Cola (240mg THC)

  1. Montana Figueroa

    These are the most delicious flavour from Golden MOnkey. They were exactly as advertised, lemon and cola! Great gummies, great brand

  2. Indiana Adams

    Love it! all the options here are worth it. You won’t be disappointed with any of these edibles.

  3. Aronas Ibarra

    Love these edibles, The lemon cola ones were hard though but dosed perfectly. Did not find any variations between gummies. Will buy again.

  4. Amandeep B

    Great deal! I enjoyed all the edibles I’ve tried from this brand. Would definitely buy again.

  5. Aiyla Y

    With many of them I fell asleep ok, but still work in the middle of the night. The GM put me to sleep and keep me asleep. Highly recommended.

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