Golden Monkey Extracts – Peach Sour Drops (240mg THC)

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Golden Monkey Extracts Gummies are homage to one of our childhood favourite snacks.

  • THC Concentration: 240mg

At Golden Monkey Extracts we are dedicated in creating the highest and purest quality concentrates.

Every product produced in our facility goes through an extensive quality control to ensure our customers are consistently receiving nothing but the best.

With our unique extraction process, we extract only quality buds with high THC content while preserving the complexity of each terpene profile.

7 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts – Peach Sour Drops (240mg THC)

  1. Karl Stephenson

    Taste delicious and work too. Most edibles don’t hit me but these ones definitely hit the spot.

  2. Aayush Rich

    The taste was nice and sour. Once kicked in, for me it was mellow and relaxed experience, thank you guys!

  3. Mustafa Salinas

    Split one in half. Did the trick, slept like a baby. Didn’t taste terrible like other brands either

  4. Leticia Howard

    Wicked tasting edibles, I usually don’t get much of a buzz from edibles in general but me and the missus splits a pack and we are bombed. Good price too.

  5. Zaydan Mcgee

    If you enjoy Golden Monkey your going to enjoy getting more for a better deal. I will be ordering this way again!

  6. Ava-Mai Hampton

    Great product and great tasting. Buying my second batch right now.

  7. Hatfield

    I was blown away by how great of a night’s sleep I got with it! I honestly had no idea that with just the simple ingredients contained within this little gummy, it would grant me an all access pass to dream city. I usually have the same recurring dream but this time it felt like it lasted a lot longer

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