Golden Monkey Extracts – Rainbow Sherbert (240mg THC)

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Buy Golden Monkey Extracts – Rainbow Sherbert (240mg THC) now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Golden Monkey Extracts Gummies are homage to one of our childhood favourite snacks.

  • THC Concentration: 240mg

At Golden Monkey Extracts we are dedicated in creating the highest and purest quality concentrates.

Every product produced in our facility goes through an extensive quality control to ensure our customers are consistently receiving nothing but the best.

With our unique extraction process, we extract only quality buds with high THC content while preserving the complexity of each terpene profile.

7 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts – Rainbow Sherbert (240mg THC)

  1. Cavan Pierce

    What on earth will they think of nex for favours !! Great fun way too take in your THC dose

  2. Carlos Mcarthur

    There are times I have difficulty getting to sleep and these really worked! and tastes great

  3. Jon H

    My favourite edibles I have ever bought. Awesome price for the dose. Golden monkey is always top notch quality

  4. Gabriela Tanner

    So far my favourite, great selection, and does not have a strong taste to them

  5. Yisroel Becker

    These always come very soft and fresh (not stale and rubbery) and they have consistently hit very well every time I’ve taken them. Would recommend these to anyone.

  6. Hattie

    OMG these are so strong! Took too much – I guess i should have read the warning. LOL!!

  7. Alison Lee

    Great sherberty taste. It doesn’t have a weedy after taste and it got me super high pretty quick. The package looks great and has info relating to the edibles on the back.

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