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Golden Monkey Extracts – Sour Bears THC:CBD

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Golden Monkey Extracts Gummies are homage to one of our childhood favourite snacks. Now with 100MG of CBD!

  • THC Concentration: 240mg
  • CBD Concentration: 100mg

At Golden Monkey Extracts we are dedicated in creating the highest and purest quality concentrates.

Every product produced in our facility goes through an extensive quality control to ensure our customers are consistently receiving nothing but the best.

With our unique extraction process, we extract only quality buds with high THC content while preserving the complexity of each terpene profile.

7 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts – Sour Bears THC:CBD

  1. Mathias Beltran

    I tried these as soon as my order arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. There was virtually no after taste because of the sourness i think and it got me where I needed to be without being too much. Great night sleep!

  2. Frank

    Thease are perfect, I love the mix of cbd/thc. Very balanced high, the potency is spot on

  3. Said Weir

    WOW! Flavour is unreal, real nice citrusy and a few of these made me feel so nice and relaxed. Great for anxiety as well! Super addicting!

  4. Rosemarie Bradford

    One of these and youre gone! Love the taste, can barely taste the weediness of it, great flavours cute bears and do not underestimate these babies, they will get you flying high!

  5. Chance Mccormack

    These gummys are delicious. Got me pretty baked and I can eat a decent amount.

  6. Gerald Carr

    These are great. I prefer the sour bears ones myself. This batch came in buttery soft and delicious. at 30mg each and mix of CBD:THC, I couldn’t find anything this quality elsewhere online.

  7. Ellenor Rhodes

    Wonderful mellow experience great for people like myself who need a little extra help getting relaxed before bedtime and staying asleep

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