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Grape Ape AAAA Buddha Boys Craft


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24 Reviews

Batch: Aug-01-2022
Bud Size:
Texture: Dense, High – Very High Sugar
Gassy, Sweet, Fruity
Nose Strength: Very High
THC Content – 27%
Common Usage – Pain, Loss of Appetite, Depression
Effects – Euphoria, Relax, Sedated

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Grape Ape Strain Information:

Grape Ape cannabis is a sweet, unforgettable strain with deep Indica origin. Its distinctive presence and nuanced fruity taste makes it a simple favourite, to say nothing of its highly potent high body. Grape Ape is the result of strains as distinct as Mendocino Purps, an award-winning crossbreed from Northern California, Skunk, an influential staple variety, and a mythical landrace from Afghanistan. A bold and visually striking diversity has emerged from the synthesis of these complexities.

There are numerous varieties of Grape Ape, with seeds available from Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, the seed bank responsible for producing other taste-focused strains, such as LSD and Pineapple Chunk, located in Washington State. Testing lab Analytical 360 has measured between 15 percent and 25 percent THC composition of Grape Ape samples.


Grape Ape is distinguished by excellent colours and multi-layered scents, which is a strain of more “bag appeal” for buyers than others. The buds are wide with tightly-curled leaves and have a thick bud structure. The leaves themselves are deep green, with copper-coloured pistils inside, with some phenotypes exhibiting tones of purple and even red. The number of trichomes ranges from moderate to high, making the flowers extremely sticky. The multicoloured leaves are rather pungent, too: from the chunky buds, a candy-like grape scent wafts. With some skunky musk from the Skunk #1 parent and more of a thick hash smell from Afghani, cracking open the moist flowers with a grinder gives off a different odour. However, when inhaled, the slightly harsh smoke from Grape Ape tastes more fruity than skunky, grape and berries notes predominate, leaving at the top of the palate behind a soft sensation.

Notably, Grape Ape’s grape taste and purple flavor are not inherently associated. In cannabis, vibrant leaves are the product of pigments called anthocyanins triggered by varying factors, such as colder temperatures. In the other hand, the tastes of various cannabis strains are determined mainly by compounds called terpenes, and although certain strains susceptible to the development of purple leaves often have a mixture of terpenes that provide a grape-like flavour, not all purple strains taste like grape. In the case of Grape Ape, it might be the case that, for additional aesthetic appeal, consumer-focused growers purposely pull out purple hues.


Grape Ape has a steadily mounting elevation, gradually leading to a very hard feeling in the head and limbs. Those loving Grape Ape should eat it wisely because of its slow onset, bearing in mind that a little of this strain will go a long way. Grape Ape offers a tangible feeling of both mental and physical comfort in perfect environments, easing consumers into a spacey calmness. Grape Ape provides a whole body stone rather than calming rapid-fire thoughts. Grape Ape cannabis can leave you feeling like a sloppy, sleepy primate, much like the similarly simian-named hybrid Gorilla Glue.

The power of the Indica makes Grape Ape a beneficial strain, whether due to temporary aches or more chronic problems such as fibromyalgia, for those suffering from nagging discomfort. After strenuous exercise, it can even soothe sore muscles. With the strength of its foggy height, Grape Ape can melt tension and fear mentally. Grape Ape, definitely an after-dark strain, is perfect for sleep induction.

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24 reviews for Grape Ape AAAA Buddha Boys Craft

  1. Ruby1105

    Great bag appeal but unfortunately it doesn’t burn to white ashes

  2. troubleowens

    sweet smell and taste. strong buzz and very smooth. not harsh at all. nice heavy compact buds

  3. Thomas Hayes

    probably one of the best purples i’ve ever smoked. Nice dense purp size buds.

  4. TwoInchrPinchr

    I’ve ordered this kind a few times and it’s never let me down. This specific December 2021 batch is exceptionally great, the most purple nug I’ve seen in a long time.

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