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Hindu Skunk – Budget Kief


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19 Reviews

Buy Hindu Skunk – Budget Kief now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Weight: 14 Grams, 28 Grams, or Half Pound

Kief can be used much like flower or concentrate. It’s more potent than flower, but not quite as strong as concentrates, so it provides a great balance for a variety of uses. Add it to your bowl, roll it into a joint, press it into hash, or even add it to your morning latte!

Recommended for cooking or making concentrates

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Hindu Skunk Budget Kief

What is Kief

The cannabis plant is covered in resinous glands called trichomes, which contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds. Trichomes look like crystals. When these trichomes dry and break off of the plant, they become kief.

Kief is usually darker than trichomes, ranging from gold to brown. It’s a powdery substance that is somewhat sticky, though less so than trichomes on a bud. Another name for kief is “pollen.”

The powder is commonly collected in grinders. These are used to break down cannabis into small, even pieces for rolling or to pack bowls. Grinders usually have a separate chamber at the bottom called a kief catcher for this purpose.

Kief can be added to bowls or joints for an added kick. It can also be pressed into hash.

When buying kief at a dispensary or retail store, keep in mind that purer kief will have a lighter colour. Kief that looks dark or green still has a bit of plant matter mixed in, whereas kief that has been cleaned well tends to be more of an off-white colour.

Kief can be used much like flower or concentrate. It’s more potent than flower, but not quite as strong as concentrates, so it provides a great balance for a variety of uses:

Hindu Skunk Budget Kief strain

Hindu Skunk Budget Kief strain has a skunky smell to it, it has a nice aroma with a hint of fruit. As for the taste, it is exquisite and smooth during the inhale. It tastes fruity and is quite potent with heavy smoke while you exhale. Hindu Skunk is perfect for first time users. The high will not send you through the roof, but in fact is quite relaxing.

The strain is a good body and cerebral mix and is perfect for day time use. However, it is ill advised to smoke it before you sleep. Not only will you feel restless but you will feel hungry at the same time. The strain can be used by individuals suffering from anorexia or eating disorders.


14 Grams, 28 Grams, Half Pound

19 reviews for Hindu Skunk – Budget Kief

  1. Louis Matthams

    Very cheap with a good buzz. Mixed it into some low quality hash and made hash that a punch to it. I’d buy it again.

  2. Kezia Massey

    Amazing taste and high. Doesnt feel budget at all, I was very pleased when I received this in the mail.

  3. Tatiana Brewer

    I make sure to add this yummy kief to every order I make. Sprinkled upon any bud of choice

  4. Cherry

    I was very impressed. Made my high just right. Can’t wait to order again.

  5. Kaylee Mcknight

    Made some moon rocks with it. Pretty good budget

  6. WilfredFranco

    Tastes good and smells nice and earthy/kush/skunky. I think I will continue to get this every time if its here

  7. Jonah Morse

    I sprinkle a little in my joints and it adds such a nice taste. Will buy again!

  8. FancyScotian

    Order an OZ and it looked great for the price. A nice brown in colour with a strong smell. Very good for mixing with your other product and makes some nice hash. definitely worth a try. burns clean too.

  9. Maureen Cline

    Nice little topper for a bowl or joint. Can’t complain when it’s on sale!

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