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Lit Extracts Citrus Skunk Live Resin


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15 Reviews

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Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it’s made. Unlike the majority of cannabis products, Live resin extract is made from plant material that hasn’t been dried or cured.

  • Preserves the flavours and aromas
  • More complex terpene profile
  • More complex experience
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Lit Extracts Citrus Skunk Live Resin

Lit Extracts provides the best quality concentrates at the best prices possible. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from our extracts.  Lit Extracts live resin is the very best on the market and sourced in Beautiful British Columbia from premium flower. Bulkweedinbox makes it easy to buy THC concentrate online.

Live Resin

Of the many different types of cannabis concentrates or extractions, live resin is relatively new to the cannabis world. It has become popular among consumers and producers alike—it preserves the flavours and aromas of the living plant better than other cannabis extractions and is cheaper and easier to make. Live resins usually have a more complex terpene profile and can deliver a more complex experience.

Taste & Effects

This heady state is accompanied by a heavy body high that leaves you fully relaxed and physically calmed, ready to kick back and sink into your couch or bed. These effects and its high 15-23% average THC level and 1% CBD level give Lit Extracts Citrus Skunk Live Resin an edge in treating depression, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, spasticity and arthritis. This bud has a super sour citrusy lemon flavour with a lightly creamy yet chemical exhale. The stench of Citrus Skunk Live Resin is heavy, with a sour lemon overtone that’s accented by sharp ammonia and increasingly dank skunk.

Benefits of live resin

Dabbers love live resin because it is more flavourful and “terpy” than other concentrates. In preserving trichomes and terpenes, it retains the flavour profile of the original plant. Preserving trichomes keeps cannabinoids intact.

Growers like producing plants for live resin as well. Fresh freezing plants at harvest means growers don’t have to go through the long, arduous processes of drying, curing, and trimming plants.  Producing plants for live resin saves growers enormous amounts of time, labor, and money.

Lit Extracts Citrus Skunk live resin is the very best on the market so always buy from your favourite site.

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15 reviews for Lit Extracts Citrus Skunk Live Resin

  1. Jay

    Great taste and definitely a fresh batch, smooth as could be.

  2. Claudia Barclay

    This stuff goes a really long way, so there is no need to put a lot of your precious resin in your joints or however you use it, Just use them to enhance your joints with a little.

  3. Dianne Beltran

    awesome live resin product! This is hands down the most flavourful concentrate I’ve ever dabbed and it got me stoned as f**k.

  4. Mack Bull

    Didnt know much about this strain so i gave it a shot. Really hits the spot and fast acting too

  5. Gabriella Perkins

    First time trying and I really enjoyed it. Came in the mail fast and the quality was great. Would purchase again

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