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Pineapple Punch AAA


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8 Reviews

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Batch: Feb-01-2024

Bud Size: Small-Med-Large

Texture: Dense

Sugar Content: Very High Sugar

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 22-24%

Common Usage – Pain, Depression, Headaches

Effects – Happy, Sociable, Euphoric

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About Pineapple Punch

To many, this Sativa-dominant hybrid tastes just like pineapple, to the rest it still registers to the tongue as tropical and citrus fruits, which tends to make the smoke of Pineapple Punch smooth.

While there are actually two strains referred to as Pineapple Punch, one is an auto-flowering hybrid by Auto Seeds that is actually named Pineapple Punch Auto. That strain is a hybrid between the Pineapple Punch created by the Flying Dutchmen and an unknown Ruderalis, it tends to be more like an Indica. The Flying Dutchmen’s strain started with their Real McCoy, a cross between a landrace Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, and pollinated with a male Skunk #1.

Strong enough that inexperienced users should use this one cautiously, Pineapple Punch has been known to create paranoia in those not ready for it. This strain generates a vibrating energetic buzz that pulls users up mentally and physically. Probably not best for the early morning as the strain can cause users to space out, it may be used to treat anxiety, stress and various mood disorders later in the afternoon.

When pruned these plants can fit between 12 and 16 in a square meter, though if not pruned growers may still fit between six and nine in the same space. As a Sativa this strain can get tall and may need to be kept outside, where it finishes around late October. If grown indoors, Pineapple Punch needs nine to ten weeks to reach harvest. Grown properly this strain will yield fairly well with buds containing up to 15 percent THC.


28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

8 reviews for Pineapple Punch AAA

  1. Sonny

    If you enjoy the energizing effects of a sativa-dominant high, then this strain is a must-try. It delivers a potent head rush and boosts energy, making it ideal for those with errands or tasks to tackle. Personally, I loved the experience, as it kept me motivated and active.

  2. petejohnson

    Pretty nice sativa for such a great bargin price

  3. Charlotte Cooper

    Pineapple Punch delivers a smooth, tropical taste resembling pineapple or citrus fruits, creating a pleasant smoking experience. Its vibrant, energetic buzz is truly amazing. This deserves a 5 star rating!

  4. Richard Nelson

    Very potent! Great buzz. I highly recommend this for users who are more of a Sativa user. Very good for its price!

  5. Buzz lightyear

    Nice buzz, nice nugs, good sativa, tiny bit leafy

  6. stoner420

    Very nice sativa strain. Buds are dense and has a nice fruity citrus smell. Burns nice and has clean ash. Recommended for sativa users will like for sure

  7. Bongopilus

    Pretty good awesome look nice trim good buzz dense budz keep it guys loves it we’ll be back for more

  8. Bongopilus

    I ordered this one can’t wait to see what it’s gonna be like

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