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Batch: Sept-29-2022
Bud Size:
Large-Very Large
Texture: Dense, High Sugar
Gassy, Dank, Skunk
Nose Strength: High
THC Content – 24-27%
Common Usage – Pain, Depression, Anxiety
Effects – Creative, Relaxed, Uplifting


About Pug’s Breath Strain

Pug’s Breath, is a mostly Indica hybrid that took first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2002. Named after the pungent odor that emanates from the bud, the strain has a strong smell that may dissuade some from trying it. In spite of the smell, however, Pug Breath produces a delightful stone, featuring a powerful uplifting body high that carries no fatigue. Fortunately, the taste of the buds is much sweeter than the smell with an earthy and piney aftertaste. Common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, paranoia, and headaches

A rare Indica that does not drag users down, Pug’s Breath cannabis strain is a fantastic daytime medication, especially for those seeking relief from pain. It elevates mood and alleviates stress and anxiety. The strong munchies help those suffering from anorexia or cachexia.

Budget Buds

28 Grams (OUNCE), 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

3 reviews for Pug’s Breath AAAA Budget Buds

  1. Marc-andre Cote

    One of my best!

  2. EzekielCortez

    Top shelf weed, great buzz great for pain.

  3. Declan Doyle

    Wasnt expecting this to be my favourite strain of my order but it was, GREAT SMOKE!

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