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Purple Cheese AA+


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9 Reviews

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Batch: Sept-26-2022

Bud Size: Small-Med

Texture: High Sugar, Med Dense

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Cheese

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 18-22%

Common Usage – Anxiety, Pain, Depression

Effects – Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

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About Purple Cheese Strain

Purple Cheese cannabis is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of Purple #1, Blue Cheese and Lowryder.

Although its exact indica to sativa ratio is unknown, it is thought to be closed to evenly balanced based on its effects. The exact THC and CBD levels of this bud are unknown due to its rarity, but it is said to have an incredibly powerful THC level and a relatively high CBD level, too. Legend says that Purple Cheese was bred to introduce  characteristics to the Blue Cheese strain as well as a more enticing flavour. That being said, Purple Cheese definitely has a unique taste of sweet fruity candy with overtones of powerful musky cheese.

The aroma is relatively mild, with hints of sweet pungent blue cheese and a slight touch of fruity berry. The Purple Cheese high is very therapeutic in nature due to its high CBD content. It has a very euphoric and uplifting onset that calms your mind, leaving you relaxed and completely free of any mental pain or racing thoughts. This is followed by a sedated and sleepy effect that leaves you lazy and couch-locked.

These effects make Purple Cheese is an ideal cannabis for treating conditions such as:

  • chronic stress or anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • chronic pain
  • fatigue

True to its name, Purple Cheese has spade-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones and light lavender hairs.


28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

9 reviews for Purple Cheese AA+

  1. Mccormick

    for the price it’s hard to beat the purps cheese flowers is an excellent flower the buds are perfect

  2. Scarlet Perkins

    This is a very solid smoke. Easily over a $100 in a government store it shows you the value you can get for it here. The buds are nice the smoke is really smooth and it works well in a joint or bong.

  3. Crosby

    Flavour is nice, punchy smell to it. I wish I could grow something as they’ve managed to. Worth trying again I’d say.

  4. Gina Irvine

    Two great strains combined into this tasty hybrid that’s great for wake n bake in the morning

  5. M Aguilar

    I really enjoyed this strain. It’s just as described, with the great tastes, smells and benefits. Had so much fun with this strain I had to place another order..

  6. Nuala Crosby

    I received my OZ and I love the cheesy smell, taste, effects are A+++

  7. Lyndon Hewitt

    Purple cheese was phenomenal went so fast between my friend group my head spun lol amazing trichome covered buds amazing unique smell 5/5 would buy again

  8. Thomson

    Awesome bud! The taste was great on inhale and exhale like a banana juice flavour. Great morning wake up, keeps you up and ready for the day and the next one! Definitely worth the giving it a try.

  9. Glen Sampson

    Was an amazing smoke and smell for me. This strain is really something special. My favourite out of the 4 that I ordered. Can’t go wrong with this.

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