Purple Kush Shake Weed (1 Pound)

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Buy Purple Kush Shake Weed (1 Pound) now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

*Disclaimer* Shake might contain stems, leaves and buds*
*Disclaimer* This is low grade budget shake, not recommended for smoking*

Available in 1 pound

  • Recommend sifting before using
  • Great for Baking, Vaping, and Making Concentrates

Purple Kush Strain Information:

As with parent strain Afghani, Purple Kush also has a very high capacity to create sticky resin, making it valuable in the production of hash and other concentrates. The tightly-curled flowers are covered in trichomes, giving the green and purple leaves a dewy white sheen. Orange pistils, intended to catch pollen from male plants, stand out against the already-colorful flowers.

Purple Kush’s bag appeal isn’t only limited to visuals — the buds also have a standout taste. The initial impression is similar to the odor of Afghani strains, with an earthy, almost sandalwood musk. Closer inspection brings out sweet and fruity notes of grape. When combusted, the flowers have a simultaneously fruity and hash-like odor and smoke, which can sting sinuses and bring about heavy coughing. On the exhale, smoke from Purple Kush has a sugary grape-like taste that may remind some of sweet dessert wine or purple cough syrup.

5 reviews for Purple Kush Shake Weed (1 Pound)

  1. Mike

    Well I can say I been waiting for purple kush ,,,did not disappoint,,,,I’ve been ordering from here for couple years now,,,,never a problem and always happy with whatever I order!!!!

  2. petejohnson

    Probably one of the better affordable shakes on the site. Has rich flavours and smells great during the cooking processes.

  3. Mahima Perry

    It’s cheap and effective, not a bad smoke and well worth the money. You’re getting more than you pay for but this isn’t ( nor does it claim to be ) AAA weed, it’s just good, well-priced shake.

  4. Mirza Forbes

    Love this stuff, great for a tight budget but also awesome to mix and makes stuff last way longer, great to bake with too taste is okay it’s different.

  5. Redmond

    Pleasantly surprised,I too smoked a jay of this shake when it arrived…so much purple in this bag and an interés sweet wine smell that emanated,it wasnt old or dry at all,. I guess when you have an expectation set so low on a product and when it arrives and you are blown away,you gotta review it.

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