4+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

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Select any 4 or more strains and enjoy massive discounts!

Mix and Match ounces for the lowest prices here!

4 or more Ounce Mix & Match

8 or more Ounce Mix & Match
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Last updated on May 12th, 2022

15 reviews for 4+ Ounces – Flower Mix And Match

  1. sandrafrances

    Great deals. Hope I can get them every time

  2. Chad

    Great deals. Good quality & good variety

  3. Al

    Didn’t try it yet. Website is simple

  4. Nepo

    Blew me away the prices 😶‍🌫️ great deals and the service is top notch ! Keep up the excellent work and you are doing a great service to your patrons …. Excelsior !

  5. Mary Francis


  6. Gilles Safonovs

    Good price

  7. Gilles Safonovs

    Good prices

  8. Gilles Safonovs

    Great prices

  9. GerryGour71

    The Best there is,Awesome Prices ,No chemicals.Plus the selection is amazing.

  10. Cassidy Ada Northrup

    Love the price!

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