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(Sativa) Chocolope THC Vape Cartridges (0.6ml)

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Buy (Sativa) Chocolope THC Vape Cartridges (0.6ml) now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

By taking together Sour Diesel and Amnesia, two iconic strains from opposite sides of the planet, HortiLab Seeds has produced a powerful sativa mix. Sour Amnesia has an earthy, aromatic scent boosted by Sour Diesel’s citrus and diesel zest. The strain has been praised for its soaring, uplifting impact since taking 2nd position in the Sativa Cup at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012, and is admired by both commercial breeders and connoisseur growers.

Effects : Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting

Common Uses : Stress, Pain, Depression

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More Information on Chocolope:

Chocolope, also referred to as D-Line, is a hybrid with a very nuanced flavor profile that is almost entirely sativa. Chocolope was developed by Breeder DNA Genetics (who may also be responsible for stabilizing the Headband strain) as a cross between the favorite flavorful Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. A dynamic, energizing sativa that has won over many followers is the result.

Chocolate is a more unique taste in the cannabis variety portfolio. Through some combination of terpene processing and terroir, landrace parent strain Chocolate Thai may have acquired this flavor by picking up nutrients from the rich soil often used to cultivate coffee. In the 1980s, Chocolate Thai was immensely popular in the U.S. Similarly, in the High Times Cannabis Cup and the High Life Cup, Chocolope received many awards, and was featured as Strain of the Year in 2007 on the cover of High Times magazine. CannaFrost, the Alaskan manufacturer and processor, supplied us with samples measured at 23.84 percent THC in early 2019. This most recent record is almost two percent higher than the previous studies.

Chocolope has long, fluffy buds that, unlike the nugget-like buds of more indica strains, take an almost cylindrical shape. Leaves are dark green and generally loosely packed; they are normally easier to break up than pure indica strains, but they may be very sticky, and may or may not require a grinder. Pistils appear to be orange in a bright manner. With some sweetness, the cured buds have an especially dank, earthy scent. This earthy smell is somewhat more pronounced as buds are split up and combusted.On the inhale, the smoke of this strain hits effortlessly, it bears more similarities to the Cannalope Haze parent strain and tastes mostly fruity with some chocolate hints. There are more noticeable notes of chocolate and caffeine as smoke is exhaled.

Chocolope’s emotional high easily grabs hold. Users can find a high, buzzy head that soon turns into an altered way of thought. The influence of Chocolope is empowering and energizing, with practically none of the hard body stone associated with hybrids or indicas. This pressure helps the user to keep a mostly calm and level brain, even though it is cerebral and thought-provoking. Well suited for daytime use, domestic duties or more extensive errands can be comfortably accompanied. Medically speaking, for those with attention deficit problems, Chocolope’s intense sense of concentration may be healthy.In the management of depression, anxiety, and also signs associated with PTSD, the mentally elevated and overall feeling of well-being may also be useful. However, considering its effectiveness, many consumers complain that the Chocolope high lasts shorter than normal.

Chocolope has several peculiarities that can make it a hard strain to cultivate for beginners. The plants may be very tall, as with many other purer sativas. But while outdoor environments will provide all the vertical space available, the strain is vulnerable to mold, which means that growers, particularly in humid areas, will need to keep a close eye on growing conditions. Indoor cultivation makes it possible to regulate the atmosphere more, but poses the issue of rooms. That said, by bending and pruning stems early in the vegetative stage, growers can tame the exceptional height of these plants.Growers who complement the feeding regimen of the plants with nutrient mixes, whether indoors or outdoors, can find that Chocolope plants have an extraordinary thirst, showing signs of nutrient deficiency when properly fed. Finally, this strain has a flowering period that is very long. For this lag, with a famously long flowering cycle of 14 weeks, the parent strain Chocolate Thai is responsible: the crossing of Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze causes Chocolope to have a shorter, but still important, flowering time of 10 to 12 weeks. Chocolope reaches maturity when harvested outdoors and is ready for harvest in late October to early November.This prolonged flowering cycle may be worth the wait: per square foot, Chocolope may yield as much as 60 grams (or 2 ounces).

Chocolope’s bracing cerebral characteristic makes it an impressive wake and bake pressure. It could be a lucky coincidence that the cantaloupe and chocolate flavours of this range are a great match for a breakfast meal! Chocolope’s low-key nighttime use is discouraged, as its energy and power can have counterproductive effects on the cycle of sleep. It makes a great social lubricant, on the other hand, and its novelty fragrance and taste are bound to turn some heads. Chocolope is an outstanding example of how a substance that is as solid as it is aesthetically pleasing can be created by crossbreeding genetically perfected landrace strains.


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