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Sweet Rockstar AAAA+ Space Craft


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19 Reviews

Buy Sweet Rockstar AAAA+ Space Craft now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Batch: April-22-2024

Bud Size: Small-Med-Large

Texture: Dense, Meaty

Sugar Content: Very High Sugar, SUPER CAKED

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Nutty, Floral

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 27-29%

Common Usage – Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress

Effects – Sedated, Relaxed, Happy

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Sweet Rockstar Strain

Sweet Rockstar cannabis strain has large and dense forest green buds shine with sticky golden and glossy trichomes. Little bits of leaf popping out here and there but aesthetically speaking with all the deep orange hairs and bright colours its has a great look to it. The aroma is exactly what you would guess by the name – smells sweet like cake and has a strong after presence of gas from the Rockstar Kush cannabis especially when smoked. Sweet Kush with a decent cerebral high hitting between the eyes and came on rather quickly too.

The Sweet Rockstar high starts with a cerebral head rush a few minutes after toking that leaves you uplifted and extremely happy with active tendencies and motivation. As this powerful head high builds, you’ll slowly feel a creeping body buzz wash over you that leaves you completely relaxed in every single muscle, leaving you helplessly couch-locked and in a state of pure bliss. Despite these powerful muscle-relaxing effects, Rockstar surprisingly won’t leave you sedated in the least bit.

Because of these powerful effects of this cannabis, Sweet Rockstar strain is said to be perfect for treating:

  • chronic pain
  • muscle spasms or tremors
  • inflammation
  • depression

This bud has an aroma of spicy grapey earth with a hint of skunky pungent herbs and a taste of spiced mulled wine with a pungent slightly skunky exhale. Rockstar buds have medium-sized dense and lumpy dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and frosty trichome covered purple leaves.


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

19 reviews for Sweet Rockstar AAAA+ Space Craft

  1. Lexi-Mae Haigh

    Wow!!! Just got a big bag and this stuff is killer!!! Unbelievable price and super fast shipping!! Will definitely be placing another order with bulkweedinbox!

  2. Yasmeen

    These are absolutely amazing. I wanted to make this last me two weeks and it looks like it’s gonna last a few days longer. That’s getting high every evening. Speedy service, order shipped out same day

  3. Brian Petrie

    Great strain….sweet ..potent…super hard buds….nice cross…
    more like rock bud than rockstar taste..5 out of 5

  4. Katerina Samuels

    Has a thick smooth smoke. the buds are beautiful and fluffy bidding out easily

  5. EmanChamberlain

    I feel like if the world somehow nearly ‘ran out of weed’ but this was one of the lucky ones to be kept alive & well it would be one of the only strains we’d need to keep the wheels turning.

  6. Callam Mcintyre

    Great taste and good smoke, always relaxing and calming effects, smokes like a Sativa but very much an Indica. Love this strain, of be of my favs. Thank you for the consistency big fat buds pleasant to smoke for the evening. Will always order rockstar kush

  7. Tarik Guerrero

    You can definitely use this to replace ur daily sleeping pill. Even better cause there is no side effect or whatever

  8. Saints

    Exactly as described, huge great looking nugs, smooth smoke, can’t go wrong with this one.

    Thanks for another great strain BWIB

  9. Keiron Mcdonald

    One of the best Top shelf flower period I can smoke it all day. The effects are amazing nice smooth real review from a real smoker

  10. Sallie Povey

    Probably one of the best rockstar kush strain i ever smoked , dont even bother looking elsewhere. Package right on time , great service , nothing complicated. I say buy it without hesitation.

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