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White Russian Budget Buds


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7 Reviews

Buy White Russian Budget Buds now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Batch: June-20-2024

Bud Size Small-Med

Texture – Med Dense-Dense, Meaty

Sugar Content: Med-High Sugar

Flavour: Earthy

Nose Strength: Low

THC Content – 18-22%

Common Usage – Loss of Appetite, Pain, Anxiety, Depression

Effects – Creative, Euphoria, Relax

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White Russian Strain Information:

The dude lives. White Russian is no longer just a cocktail of innovation, but a dominant hybrid strain that relies on some popular genetics. White Russian, originally developed by the Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds, is a cross between the sativa-dominant AK-47 and the famously strong White Widow sativa. The White Russian has a strong and introspective head high in these building blocks. At the 1996 High Time Cannabis Cup, this strain took 1st place in the best overall division, and it’s not hard to see why. White Russian is sure to have an impact on anyone who attempts it with a reliably high THC composition of between 20 and 25 percent.

White Russian buds appear to be medium to tiny in number. Their bud shape, with loosely-clustered, fuzzy leaves, is more characteristic of sativa strains. The leaves are light green and can be mildly to thoroughly coated in frosty trichomes, such as the parent strain White Widow, depending on the particular plant phenotype. Cured correctly, the flowers are combined with some sweet citrus fruit with an earthy, dank scent (imparted from White Widow, which is known more for its intense stickiness than its taste profile) (passed on from AK-47, which has a sweet and floral aftertaste from the various Asian and South American landrace strains in its genetics).Flowers smell more skunky and mildly spicy when combusted. White Russian smoke has been described by some as harsh and lung-expanding. When exhaled, the cigarette tastes mildly spicy.

In the form of some initial disorientation and tightening around the temples, the elevation of this tension takes place almost immediately. Users describe feeling energized and inspired easily, and being able to work with more consistency than uncertainty. White Russian, as is typical of the parent strain White Widow, has a highly intellectual high that can lend itself to introspection, problem-solving lateral thought, and artistic creativity.This mental stimulus can be accompanied by a sense of euphoria and physical well-being. This strain bears relatively few physical effects, despite some indica in its genetics, while heavy use will contribute to couchlock and somnolence, as with any type of cannabis. The strong high head of White Russian makes it effective in managing anxiety and depression. For users with attention deficit problems, it is often especially helpful. A typical side effect is hot, dry eyes, a consequence of the high THC in this strain, which dilates blood vessels and capillaries that regulate blood flow to the eyes.White Russian also has the ability to veer into paranoid or nervous territory because of its cerebral intensity; before enjoying this pressure, users should understand their individual tolerance as well as their attitude and environment. White Russian is certainly more likely to make you wired than lazy, a strain to be loved during the daytime.

Any of the finest that sativa varieties have to show is this brazen cerebral strain. White Russian, while leaving the body largely functional, activates the mind. This makes it perfect for challenging activities requiring problem solving or imaginative thinking; for example, before playing cards with friends, it would be an excellent alternative to drink. White Russian may be more comfortably appreciated in privacy, or at least in familiar company and a relaxed atmosphere, owing to its propensity to introspection. It’s something of a daytime smoke, but if appropriate, its energizing effects can also be used to avoid sleep.White Russian flowers are suitable for the processing of hash, smash, and other THC concentrates because of their elevated resin content.

Notably, the producers of White Russian Serious Seeds are committed to maintaining the strain’s roots and integrity: they give a specific serial number to any bag of seeds they sell, enabling the cannabis to be traced in dispensaries from initial cultivation to point-of-sale. Not only does this responsibility edge out impostors and defective goods, it also encourages the transparency of supply that is so important in today’s increasingly regulated legal cannabis industry.

Budget Buds

28 Grams

7 reviews for White Russian Budget Buds

  1. Billie Roman

    You get good value for your money here. It’s an enjoyable stuff!

  2. Jermaine

    You get what you pay for here. Fun cheap sativa

  3. Kaylum F

    Great potency, taste, appearance. Just good all the way around.

  4. Lawson Barrera

    Great tasting, great website! I will always order from here

  5. Johnny Sheppard

    Can’t go wrong with this strain. Buds were a good size not to dry.

  6. Stephens

    I really liked this strain. The bud is good sized and delivers a good high, can’t go wrong for the price

  7. Priya Short

    Loved the euphoric affect and lasted pretty long too

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