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  1. 16446


    Beautiful dense buds, nice color to it. Though for the price I was expecting a better high to it something more stronger

  2. 16687


    Beautiful color to it, though buds were a little soft. Nice Sativa strain, still burned nice and did the job

  3. 16095


    Wow these buds are huge and super dense. Burns very nice and hits right away. A must try if you want to be couch locked

  4. 12658


    Had that beautiful OG smell to it as soon as I opened my bag. Buds were nice high was great. Wasn't crazy of the taste and was slightly harsh on throat but overall it was good

  5. 2762

    Jonathan Gomes

    I'm surprised there are so many people who enjoy this strain. Maybe I had a bad batch. But the granddaddy purp I got has a strong, headache inducing smell. Almost smells like old, dried, peeling paint. The bud structure is great, however, I can't get past the smell or taste of this one. Defiantly deceiving from the pictures because I prefer a stronger nose. I ordered 8 different strains and so far only 2 of them (this and white widow) have I had to toss into the garbage. Khalifa Kush and holy grail on point tho. I guess you can only have so many winners but I too have converted from CW after the postal issues. Cw never let me down once though in terms of productThanks bwib.

  6. 2762

    Steven Volk

    Really nice sticky icky icky nugs, gonna reorder this one for sure.

  7. 15293

    Steven Volk

    I'd give you 10/10 for this. $150 for 1lb is a Great deal, My bag had 0 pertiles and 0 cotton strings and minimal stems. Overall great bag. Ordered 4 more lbs after seeing the quality.

  8. 9993

    Steven Volk

    Nice smoke, even burn, and fast delivery

  9. 9993

    Steven Volk

    Nice smoke, even burn, and fast delivery

  10. 9975


    Bon hash ,pour du hash fait avec du weed bon gout ,et pas trop fort

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