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  1. 10101


    Looks good nice dense buds Nice and smooth

  2. 17256


    Super impressed with this strain that I just had to try. Bag appeal is all there - nice little popcorn nuggs with a wonderful kushy yet spicy aroma.

  3. 4464


    I have just received my first purchase of shake and I am very pleased with the quality.I have taking the time to sift approximately 40-50grams to get any of stems that are lurking out so I'm able to add it to joints occasionally ,while vaporizing it most of the time. I will surely be making edibles with a good portion of this to help relieve pain and anxiety. The aroma has an piney earthy smell which reminds me of Christmas 🙂 Thank you for the fast delivery & excellent product !

  4. 15737


    Excellent transaction , good buds and good buzz , really happy 🙂

  5. 2058

    Randy mason

    This deal and the product are awesome . Two boxes in a month and only 1 strain repeat . Great buds , they vape beautifully and I really appreciate the labeling on each bag . I will be coming back for this on the regular.

  6. 15221


    Very beautiful sticky buds, dense and very good quality! Nice smoke! Really good price! I like GSC!

  7. 3426


    Thanx BWIB for this strain! I liked very much this variety! Good quality and very good taste! I like this hybrid strain and the buds smelled so good!

  8. 9993


    I needed a mask to smell that lol! Very nice price for this AAA grade! It's a good indica strain but not my favorite!

  9. 12658


    Very good quality! Beautiful buds and really potent! Nice grade and strong indica effects! The smelling very strong!

  10. 6459


    Me too, i'm a White Widow fan lol! I like this variety! For AAA grade...this is a very good deal!

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