Sweet Island Skunk


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Bud Size: Small-Medium

Texture: Sticky, Dense, Very High Sugar

Flavour: Gassy, Sweet

THC Content – 23.5%

Common Usage – Stress, Depression, Pain

Effects – Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

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Island Sweet Skunk Strain Information:

Island Sweet Skunk, also known as ISS or Sweet Island Skunk, has been cultivated on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, for decades. Nirvana’s version of this strain made the High Times Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time list in 2013.

First bred by Federation Seeds, this hybrid should not be confused with Sweet Skunk from Spice of Life. This strain is heavily influenced by Skunk #1 as well as a 1970’s California Skunk called Sweet Skunk. A Vietnam veteran brought Sweet Skunk to Federation Seeds, where it was crossed with an unknown Sativa. Smelling and tasting like sweet citrus with a bit of skunk, Island Sweet Skunk is a strain that starts with a perky upbeat high, quickly followed by a soft body buzz.

This hybrid can have as much as 19% THC and may be effective daytime medication for minor aches, arthritis, nausea, and appetite loss. Island Sweet Skunk can encourage a good mood and can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Users often feel focused and creative. It may also help with migraines, fatigue, and nerve pain.

Island Sweet Skunk is easier to grow than many other Sativa-heavy strains. It grows well in the Screen of Green setup. It can do well inside, but because of its height and the space it requires, the strain may do better outdoors or in a greenhouse. During the eight to nine week flowering period, plants will need to be supported. Growers may harvest yields of over 200 grams. Outside, this strain usually finishes in mid-October.


28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

13 reviews for Sweet Island Skunk

  1. Bnas

    Out of all the strains I’ve tryed this one’s my personal favorite so far. The buds are very sticky, even when washing your fingers after it feels like sap on them. The strong is high and amazing. Earthy!

  2. Klaus Walter

    Just what I was expecting…..a little taste of home!!!!! Nice dense buds…amazing smell and flavour

  3. SweetBabyJesus

    Smells good tastes good burns white ash. The smoke and burn of a joint is kinda weak for a AAA+ ISS. I feel like I’m smoking water lately. Decent buds decent strain but to much money for a P if you ask me. Some packs lately especially the Afghan Kush are to fresh and not cured fully and this pack of ISS is also border line toooo fresh in my opinion but it’s alright. . I dunno about these price increases anymore BWIB and wet buds and seeds in some of the AAAA packs lately. Maybe I’m crazy and lost my marbles but I do know CannaWholesallers has a mean ass AAAA category. The old saying goes you get what you pay for. Stay safe Canada and BWIB!

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