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Chocolope AAA


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10 Reviews

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Batch: April-08-2024

Bud Size: Small-Med-Some Large

Texture: Med Dense-Dense

Sugar Content: High Sugar

Flavour: Gassy, Sweet

Nose Strength: High

THC Content – 22-24%

Common Usage – Anxiety, Depression , PTSD

Effects – Happy, Creative, Euphoric

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About Chocolope

Chocolope, sometimes referred to as D-Line, is an almost entirely sativa hybrid with a very complex taste profile. Breeder DNA Genetics (who may also be responsible for stabilizing the strain Headband) created Chocolope as a cross between flavorful favorite Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The result is a dynamic, energizing sativa that has won over many followers.

Chocolate is a more unusual taste in the portfolio of cannabis varieties — landrace parent strain Chocolate Thai may have achieved this flavor through some combination of terpene production and terroir, picking up nutrients from the fertile soil also used to grow coffee. Chocolate Thai was extremely popular in the U.S. in the 1980s. Similarly, Chocolope has won several honors in the High Times Cannabis Cup and the High Life Cup, and was featured on the cover of High Times magazine as Strain of the Year in 2007. In early 2019, CannaFrost, Alaskan producer and processor, provided us with samples that tested at 23.84% THC. This latest record is nearly two percent higher than previous tests.

Chocolope has long, fluffy buds that take an almost cylindrical shape, unlike the nugget-like buds of more indica varieties. Leaves are dark green and relatively loosely-packed; although they can be very sticky, they’re typically easier to break up than pure indica strains and may or may not require a grinder. Pistils tend to be a vivid orange. The cured buds have a particularly dank, earthy smell with some sweetness. When buds are broken up and combusted, this earthy scent is somewhat more intense. The smoke from this strain hits smoothly — on the inhale, it bears more resemblance to parent strain Cannalope Haze and tastes mostly fruity with some hints of chocolate. Cocoa and coffee notes are more evident as smoke is exhaled.

The mental high of Chocolope takes hold quickly. Users may notice a buzzy head high that soon morphs into an altered way of thinking. With virtually none of the heavy body stone associated with hybrids or indicas, Chocolope’s effect is motivating and energizing. Although it’s cerebral and thought-provoking, this strain allows the user to maintain a mostly clear and level head. Well suited to daytime use, it can easily accompany household tasks or more extensive errands. Medically speaking, Chocolope’s acute sense of focus can be good for those with attention deficit disorders. The emotional high and general sense of well-being may also be helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and even symptoms associated with PTSD. Despite its potency, though, many users report that the high from Chocolope lasts shorter than average.

The bracing cerebral properties of Chocolope make it a great wake and bake strain. It may be a happy accident that this variety’s flavors of cantaloupe and cocoa are a perfect fit for a breakfast meal! Low-key nighttime use of Chocolope is discouraged, as its energy and potency can have counterproductive effects on the sleep cycle. On the other hand, it makes a great social lubricant and its novelty scent and taste are bound to turn some heads. Chocolope is a great example of how crossbreeding genetically-perfected landrace strains can yield a product that is as powerful as it is aesthetically appealing.


28 Grams, 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

10 reviews for Chocolope AAA

  1. Dhruv Rodgers

    This strain is incredibly potent; get ready for a really strong high.

  2. Wyatt Young

    Pretty nice sativa, I got for when have company so can keep the good stuff to myself LOL

  3. Brandon Blinn

    Great taste. Beautiful Sativa. This batch was full of seeds so kinda disappointing. But at least I have the strain to keep to grow for myself. Literally hundreds and hundreds of seeds came in this batch 🙁

  4. John Gabs

    Out of my weekly purchases of flowers this one was just above middle of the road. Pretty much what i expected for Chocolope. Excellent price for what you get. 3.5 stars

  5. Harley Harrington

    This is such a powerhouse strain!!! I buy this flower up every chance I can cuz I know it doesn’t disappoint. Most potent strain I ever tried, highly recommend, lightweights please stay away from this one until your at least a middleweight.

  6. M Black

    It’s a good high, doesn’t last the longest but I’d recommend

  7. Wanda Clarke

    Pour le prix il vaut la peine!..

  8. Leonardo Little

    smells the best of them all them i bought. Man this is good for the price. Nice and alert high.

  9. petejohnson

    This is a good strain to, not quite as potent as some other AA+ but still good and well worth the price. 4.5 stars

  10. Christopher Quinn

    Great price. Smells and tastes good. But I had to smoke a lot more to get high. Great buzz once u get there. No burnout affects.

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