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Batch: Nov-17-2022
Bud Size:
Texture: Dense, High Sugar, Sticky, Perfect Cure
Gassy, Dank
Nose Strength: High
THC Content – 27-29%
Common Usage –Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety
Effects – Sleepy, Happy, Creative

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022

Last updated on November 26th, 2022

About Ghost Pink Strain

Ghost Pink is a cross of Ghost OG & Pink kush. This is an indica dominated hybrid that has 26-28% THC. Great strain for relaxation and sleeping. Carrying on the legacy of Pink Kush, allow us to introduce to you the new kid on the block Ghost Pink. All of the traits of these two Kush packed into a fire nug that carries a mixed smell and flavour of Ghost OG.

The aroma of this strain is a gassy, pungent, fruity, earthy smell with a similar taste. Now the real talk, potency of this strain is known to be way up there, delivering a potent body high that’s very effective in treating:

  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Lack of Appetite

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams (OUNCE), 224 Grams (HALF POUND)

2 reviews for Ghost Pink AAAA Okanagan Ranch

  1. T Klein

    Tastes good, burns well, does the trick, good price.

  2. Mea Tierney

    bon bourgeon qui rend tres relaxe jai adoré

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