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Lit Extracts provides the best quality concentrates at the best prices possible. Users can expect consistently knock out amazing quality, taste, and effects from our extracts. All concentrates from Lit Extracts are sourced from premium flower grown in Beautiful British Columbia.


Last updated on May 12th, 2022

Last updated on March 24th, 2023

Lit Extracts MKU THC Diamonds

THC-A crystalline is a relative-newcomer to the world of cannabis concentrates that boasts incredible potency. Lit Extracts MKU Diamonds Also known as THCA diamonds, concentrates of this variety sport up to 99.9% THC content, making them the strongest on the market at the moment.

What Are THCA Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate that you can smoke or vape. Just like its name suggests, THCA diamonds appear as solid crystalline structures that are semi-transparent and, well, look like diamonds.

While concentrates open up a whole new world of cannabis consumption, it can also be daunting for new users.

This is largely due to two factors:

  1.  consuming concentrates is a little bit of a learning curve especially if you’re used to dried flower
  2. the THC content in concentrates typically hovers between 70-95%! That’s at least 3 times higher than your average weed.

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6 reviews for Lit Extracts MKU THC Diamonds

  1. earldearing

    Awesome taste n whooped my ass will buy again

  2. Greg Mahoney

    Diamonds were good, and i mean good!
    Nice looking well packaged and hit hard.
    This MKU is the shit!!!

  3. petejohnson

    My favourite Diamonds, good price too

  4. Kadie Lane

    This is perfect for dabbing after smoking some flower the highs complement each other really well.

  5. Spencer

    Nice product. Not pricey for the quantity. Hit hard as a brick wall.

  6. EliottTorres

    The flavour, buzz and smoke are on par with some of the biggest brands out there. This strain really rattles the bells. Nice addition to a bowl of good bud.

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