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Pre Rolls


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63 Reviews


Buy Pre Rolls now with Bulkweedinbox Online Dispensary.

Lazy to Roll? We will do it for you,

Pre-rolls are one of the most easy ways to get medicated! Great for a short session!

Made with Love & Care, these pre-rolls are packed into pre-made cones.

The buds are a mixture of sativa, hybrid, and indica to give you a cerebral feeling.

Size of Joints: 1 gram



Cannabis Pre-Rolls :

The joint remains an emblem, rather than bottles, bongs, edibles, oils, dab rigs, or some other form of consumption. It could be the only method which, when pantomimed, says “cannabis!” to the rest of the world. ”
Cheap, anonymous, removable, and conveniently exchanged amongst friends is a joint. Neither the financial expenditure of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible is expected. But whether you have nimble fingers or hours to spend studying, learning how to curl one up can be challenging.

Specify the pre-roll.
Consumers themselves have been the ones rolling joints before legitimate, regulated markets. Yet demand for ready-made smokeable goods increased as medical dispensaries and recreational shops arose. By now, pre-rolls are almost everywhere, acting as go-to presents for cannabis beginners and traditional ideas.
There is just one thing: there are a lot of people who believe they are garbage.

Out of maybe the 50 pre-rolls I received from pharmacies, two of them were smokeable,” laments one YouTuber focused on cannabis, “The rest were all gross. They went into the dump, they broke up, they just didn’t smoke. They’re pretty disgusting.
He isn’t alone. Owing to the belief that they contain low-quality cannabis, many in the cannabis industry steer clear of pre-rolled joints. But from where did this prestige come? Is it well deserved? And does that mean the pre-rolls just aren’t worth it? To find out, we talked with friends, manufacturers, store owners, and weed enthusiasts.


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63 reviews for Pre Rolls

  1. Halima

    These gotta be the best ones on the market for the price. Nice roll job guys

  2. Geoff

    Best price, best pre rolls. Thats all i gotta say

  3. Raja Davies

    Fat pre rolls at a bargin price. I never need to roll one again!!

  4. Fern Snyder

    Just another great product by Bulkweed. Thanks guys kep it up!

  5. Elfy W

    Great beach day with these guys. Stress free all the way

  6. Harriet Wilde

    These things are really starting to get a great name for themselfs. Please dont run out because they are so popular. LOL

  7. Milli Murillo

    After all these years i still cant roll the perfect joint and now i’ll never have to. These are amazing, great bud, great roll job

  8. Antonio De Francesco

    These are great, when they are great.
    The first time I ordered they were kinda dry and if I put it out to come back it was too crumbly to bother.
    I contacted the info email and they were amazing. I ended up with a free one with my next order and that was great!
    Since then I have ordered them regularly as a “good to have cause I don’t feel like rolling” or ” shit I have no papers…but I do have…happy dance.”

    They use some pretty good stuff in it too. No complaints there at all.

  9. Jak Soffer

    Wow looks like im not the only person to comment on here! I love these pre rolls, great mixed selection of strains

  10. Kage F

    Great pre-roll. I try to keep a few of these at hand because they are so convienient and good

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