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Last updated on September 15th, 2022

Bongs have been around for a long time. They originated in India and were used to smoke cannabis. Today, the bong is still widely used for smoking weed and other kinds of tobacco. Bongs are also commonly used in places like the movies and television shows because they give stoners something to do while they’re waiting for the show to start or waiting for the credits to roll. Bongs come in all different types and designs, each with their own specific features that make them more ideal than others. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right type of bong though it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been exposed to them before. That’s where we come in! This article will help you understand what different types of bongs are so that you can make an informed choice when looking at different bong brands or selecting one as a gift for someone else.

What is a Bong?

Bongs are water-filtered pipes that are used to smoke cannabis. They’re typically made of glass or plastic and are often decorated with stickers or graffiti. Because of the filtration process they go through, bongs have a very smooth and clean smoke that can be very satisfying. Bongs are also great because they can be easily cleaned and reused.

Diffuser Bongs

Diffusers are very similar to bongs except they don’t use water to filter the smoke. Instead, they use a hinged diffuser that condenses the smoke and makes it easy for the person using the bong to inhale it without taking out the joint or blunt. Diffusers are an option for people who smoke cannabis with tobacco in it, such as cigars and cigarettes. If you smoke cannabis solely, you may want to consider a water bong or a dry herb vaporizer. Diffusers are great for people who want to vape without the hassle of taking out the joint or blunt or dealing with water or e-juice leaking from a water bong. They’re also good for people who want to consume marijuana in a more stealthy way.

Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are made specifically for smoking ice. Instead of water, they use shaved ice combined with flavored oil to create the smoke that people inhale. This creates a much cooler and less-jarring experience than water bongs. Ice bongs are great for those who prefer to consume marijuana in a cold environment, such as a beach or in a colder climate. Ice bongs are also good for people who don’t have access to water because they don’t require the water to be filtered or heated. This means they’re a great option for backpackers and campers. Ice bongs can also be used in warmer climates if you mix water with flavorless propylene glycol. This will allow you to use water bongs or bongs with water in warmer climates.

Bowls and Rolls

Bowls and rolls are a very specific type of bong that’s typically used for smoking concentrate. They’re made with a narrow chamber to hold the concentrate so it stays cool and doesn’t leak out of the bowl. Bowls and rolls come in a variety of designs and are often used in places like dab rigs or wax pens. They can also be used in a normal bong if you mix concentrate with e-juice. Bongs with bowls and rolls are the most expensive bongs to purchase because they’re made especially for concentrates. If you want to use them for regular water bongs, you’ll have a difficult time enjoying yourself because the water will cool the smoke too much.

Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs are made of a glass piece that has a bowl and a tube connected to a perforated chamber. The bowl and the tube are connected to a perforated chamber that allows the water to filter through the remainder of the bong. This type of bong is best for people who want to save water. It doesn’t require any water to function, meaning you can use it just about anywhere. Recycler bongs are also easy to clean and can be easily cleaned in the sink.

Bubbler Bongs

Bubbler bongs are another type of water bong that’s made for vaping. They usually have a small bowl with a single pipe that leads to the mouthpiece. The pipe is usually twisted to create a bubbling effect that draws in the vapor. Bubbler bongs are a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a water bong. They also look very cool, so if you’re interested in that aspect then they’re worth looking into.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs are a hybrid water bong that uses a smoking device to pull the smoke through water. They’re a great middle ground between a bong and a pipe. They’re a lot more affordable than a bong, but they don’t filter the smoke like a pipe does. They also don’t look like a traditional bong, meaning they fit in a bit better at parties. Percolator bongs are best for those who want to enjoy their cannabis without having to worry about water or filtration, but they also want to look like they’re smoking regularly.

Skull Shaped Bongs

Skull shaped bongs are one of the most unique and interesting types of bongs there are. They’re created by carving down the middle of a traditional bong, creating a half-circle in the middle. Some people use them with water and some people use them with e-juice. They’re very cool and unique, but they also look very similar to a percolator bong. That means you’ll want to keep in mind where you plan to use them before purchasing.


Bongs are fun and interesting pieces of glassware that are great for smoking cannabis. They come in many different varieties, each with their own specific features that make them more ideal than others. But what is a bong? Bongs are water-filtered pipes that are used to smoke cannabis. They’re typically made of glass or plastic and are often decorated with stickers and graffiti. Bongs are very smooth and clean smoke and are great because they can be easily cleaned and reused. Bongs are great because they don’t require water, meaning they’re a great option for backpackers and campers who don’t have access to water. Bongs are a safe way to consume marijuana and are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles.


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